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What Are the Best Plants to Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Mosquitoes primarily rely on their sense of smell to identify and locate their feeding targets, making strong fragrances a potential natural deterrent. However, for certain plants and herbs to be effective in repelling mosquitoes, their leaves or stems need to be crushed to release the essential oils. It’s crucial to remember that relying solely on plants for mosquito control is not sufficient, and professional mosquito control measures should also be considered.

Lavender planted on porch

Mosquito-Repelling Plants

A variety of plants produce oils that naturally repel mosquitoes. Incorporating these into your garden can help in creating a more mosquito-resistant environment:

  • Citronella. Often marketed as “mosquito plants” in big-box stores, this leafy plant is simply a geranium variety. Citronella grass, on the other hand, is most useful for extracting citronella oil.
  • Lavender. As one of the most fragrant plants, lavender oil can help deter a mosquito by blocking its sense of smell.
  • Marigolds. Both easy to grow and beautiful, marigolds emit a scent that also helps to deter mosquitoes. They also prevent aphids, whiteflies, and other garden pests.
  • Rosemary, basil & thyme. These fragrant herbs are just that: fragrant! Similar to other plants, the scents of these keep pests and mosquitoes at bay.

Do Mosquitoes Feed on Plants?

While mosquitoes are infamous for their blood-feeding behavior, this is primarily a requirement for female mosquitoes needing blood to produce eggs. Both male and female mosquitoes primarily consume nectar, plantsap, and honeydew for sustenance.

What Scents Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide emissions from humans, but various scents and fragrances can disrupt their tracking ability. Using perfumes, burning citronella candles, and leveraging the natural scents of certain plants can all contribute to creating a mosquito-repellent atmosphere in your environment.

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