What a grub looks like underneath a lawn

You work hard to maintain a healthy lawn, but it can easily be undone by lawn pests. Don’t let that happen to you. Trust Bug Out, Jacksonville FL‘s expert for 60 years in pest control and lawn care. Our technicians will inspect your lawn, determine the pests involved, and recommend effective treatment options.

If you’re ready for lawn pest control that really works, give us a call today! 

Is Lawn Pest Control Important in Jacksonville FL?

Lawn pests won’t just make your lawn look bad – they can damage your entire yard. This leads to lowered property values and expensive fixes. Many lawn insects are also resistant to common pesticides, which is why it’s important to work with an experienced lawn care/pest control company.

At Bug Out, we know how to deal with lawn insects and lawn pests of all kinds in the Jacksonville FL area. We use cutting-edge treatments that get rid of the problem – and once they’re gone, we work with you to create a plan so they don’t come back. 

Common Species

Want to know what’s infesting your lawn? Here are some of the most common types of lawn pests: 

  • Grubs: Wilted grass blades are an early warning sign of grubs. As they continue to damage your lawn, you’ll start to notice patches of dead grass.
  • Chinch bugs: These sap-sucking pests feed on grass blades and produce a coagulant that causes grass to stop absorbing water. This causes grass to start dying off.
  • Sod webworms: Sod webworms eat grass at night and hide during the day, leaving brown patches and tunnels at turf level.
  • Armyworm: Armyworms eat grass blades and even entire stems. As they consume grass, they create circular bare spots. They’re typically active in the early morning, at night, or in the evening.
  • Cutworm: Cutworms bite grass stems until they completely break off. The damage leads to eventual dead spots in your lawn. Cutworms are nocturnal.

Schedule an Inspection Today

Since 1963, we’ve been a leader in pest control for Jacksonville FL homes – and that includes pests in your lawn too. Bug Out‘s lawn care experts can quickly inspect your lawn and identify any issues.

If we find any problems, we’ll recommend a course of treatment with safe and environmentally friendly solutions. This way, you and your family can enjoy your outdoor space without worry. 

Call us today to hear more about our lawn insect control services.

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