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Top Termite Questions

How do you know if you just saw swarming termites or flying ants? The experts at Bug Out are here to answer the common questions about the characteristics of termites, signs of infestation, and more in this section.

Termites cost thousands of dollars to property owners for repairs and are known as the most destructive pest in the nation. Learn about how and where termites cause their damage and what type of cost is associated with their infestations in Jacksonville FL.

Termites are difficult to manage, so it’s vital to use high-quality products that are recommended by the professional industry. Here, Bug Out will discuss popular termite treatment options, from bait stations to liquid termiticides.

Termite prevention is the key to termite control. The best part is that preventing termites is much easier than you imagine. This section covers what you need to know about termite prevention inside and outside of Jacksonville FL.

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