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Termites are known to be one of the most destructive and costly insects to deal with. Serious termite infestations can cost homeowners several thousand dollars to repair the damage caused by termites. In the United States, it is estimated that termites do an average of five billion dollars in damage each year! 

Expenses from Termite Infestations

Paying attention to the signs of termites can help prevent damage and costly repairs from adding up. Fortunately, most termite infestations are caught and halted before serious damage has taken place. For smaller cosmetic repairs, you can expect just a few hundred dollars. However, when an infestation has taken place for several years (about five years or more), structural damage to the property is much more likely. In these instances, the costs for repairs will be much higher.

Damage From Termites

  1. Minor termite infestation damage: Termite activity can cause discoloration in walls or on floors. Their tunneling can result in your hardwood floors bending and buckling, as well as problems within your sheetrock such as discoloration and even your paint chipping away. Cosmetic damage repairs typically only cost a few hundred dollars.
  2. Structural or property damage: When termites chew their way through structural beams or walls in your home, the destruction is far more costly to repair. While it varies widely depending on each situation, homeowners typically pay at least a couple thousand dollars in structural repairs.

Termite Treatment or Prevention Costs

Termite damage can ruin the integrity of your home and cause unsafe living conditions, On top of the personal risks, termites are also the most costly of insect pests and can add up before you even notice there’s a problem. One of the best ways to prevent an infestation from taking place or from getting out of control is to be proactive about looking for termite activity. Knowing the signs of termites in your home can help you avoid costs in the future. It is recommended to invest in regular preventive measures and to team up with a professional such as Bug Out!

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