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Recognizing early signs of termites or knowing a neighbor has an infestation calls for immediate action to prevent termites from spreading to your home. The most effective method is to make your home less appealing to them. This can be done by eliminating excess moisture in your home by repairing leaky pipes, cleaning up debris, and fixing damaged wood. If you already have termites, contact a professional exterminator immediately to prevent the infestation from spreading. 

Tips to Stop Termites From Spreading in Florida

There are various actions you can take to deter termites and protect your Florida property from an infestation. Here’s how to make your property less attractive to them:

  • Keep lumber or firewood piles away from your home’s foundation, and dispose of any decomposing wood.
  • Consistently inspect your deck, patio, and outdoor furniture to identify any damage.
  • Clear away dead trees and branches from the areas around your yard.
  • Remove any standing water sources in or near your home. Promptly repair leaky faucets or broken water pipes.
  • Verify that your yard has sufficient drainage, reduce excess mulch, and clean out your gutters frequently.
  • When renovating your home, use termite-resistant materials such as pressure-treated lumber, composite materials, and certain types of metal. 

Will I Get Termites From My Neighbor?

Having neighbors with termites doesn’t mean you’ll get them, but it’s a strong incentive to take preventive action. While termites can travel from one property to another, they typically establish colonies near wood sources, and moisture. If your neighbor has a termite infestation and you share a common wall or have proximity to their property, there is a possibility that termites could spread to your home. Always contact a professional termite exterminator if you detect any signs of termites. 

The experts at Bug Out can halt early termite activity and help prevent them from spreading in and around your home.

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