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Termite Identification

It is common to mistake termites for ants. Different species of termites vary in appearance and size, but usually, termites are no bigger than ½” and vary in color from off-white to brown.

Think you might have termites? It’s important to identify what type you’re dealing with. Here in Jacksonville FL, there are two main species: eastern subterranean and formosan. Read about the differences between the two and find out which you have here.

Termites are a common pest in Jacksonville FL, and they can be incredibly difficult to identify. Thankfully, there are a few key signs that you can keep an eye out for. Here, Bug Out provides the tips you need in order to spot termite infestations early.

Termites live a unique life cycle: There are multiple phases of molting that a nymph will undergo before assignment to a specific role or ‘caste’. These castes include reproductive termites, workers, and soldiers.

A termite infestation can spread when they swarm. Another way a colony can spread is if an infestation goes undiscovered within a structure and they continue to reproduce.

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