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When Should Mosquito Treatment Start in Jacksonville FL?

To ensure optimal defense against mosquitoes, scheduling a professional treatment for your home just before the onset of mosquito season is highly recommended. While it’s possible to arrange for mosquito treatment at any point, initiating barrier treatments before or during mosquito season enhances protection. Springtime, particularly, offers the best opportunity to fortify your home against these pests.

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When is Mosquito Season in Jacksonville FL?

Mosquito season timing varies across regions due to differences in when temperatures consistently reach above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, a critical threshold for mosquito eggs to hatch. In Jacksonville FL, this typically occurs in early March, signaling the start of the mosquito season. With mosquitoes breeding more frequently, it’s crucial to prepare in advance for the peak mosquito activity expected during the summer months, continuing into fall.

When Do I Need Mosquito Treatment?

Delaying mosquito treatment until an infestation becomes apparent is a common oversight. At this stage, controlling a well-established mosquito population is significantly more challenging. To prevent such situations, it’s advisable to begin mosquito treatment at the end of winter. Though it might seem prematurely early, this proactive approach can thwart the emergence of mosquitoes, safeguarding your property in the ensuing months.

What Time of Day Do You Spray For Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes exhibit the most activity during dusk and dawn, seeking food and breeding opportunities. Therefore, applying mosquito barrier treatments during the cooler morning hours or as evening approaches yields the best results. Collaborating with a professional mosquito extermination service ensures the strategic timing of treatments, maximizing the protective barrier around your home.

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