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Are You the Boss of Lawn Frost?

In the eyes of much of the country, Florida has mild winters. Relatively speaking, that’s true. But what tourists and spring breakers may not realize is that we get our fair share of cold fronts in the winter. Sure, it’s not what you’d deal with in the Midwest. It’s still enough to make you reach for your coat or the dial of your thermostat, and it can have major effects on your lawn.

Lawn frost is frost, it doesn’t care if it’s colder or warmer in some other part of the country. It just knows when it gets cold enough to coat your turf in a layer of chalky white. And if handled improperly it can seriously damage your landscaping.

What is Frost?

Frost occurs usually overnight when the temperature of the air near the ground drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This sudden temperature dip causes the moisture in grass blades to freeze in place, creating that frosty exterior we’re so familiar with.

We’re usually known for light frosts during the winter. This is actually a good thing. Because of that, the freeze itself will likely only result in mild blade damage, so that the roots may be able to heal as they continue to grow.

The Deal with Damage

Just because the frost might not necessarily damage your lawn, doesn’t mean that your lawn won’t get damaged during a frost. Impact damage is a major issue for lawns during the cold season. If you walk, drive, or leave heavy items while your landscaping is frosted over, it can seriously hurt the turf.

And once the weather warms enough to melt the frost, you should still continue watering and fertilizing your lawn as you usually would, to keep it healthy. You may be tempted to mow but won’t need to for a while. When you do, it’s always important to cut your grass at the appropriate height for your type of grass.

Caring for a lawn during the winter might not be more work, but you definitely need to be aware of what can happen and how to handle it. It’ll get warmer eventually. The frost will melt, and many brown spots with burst green once again. But if patches are still brown and in need of professional intervention, Bug Out is here for you.

How Bug Out Can Help

At Bug Out, we understand how important the relationship is between homeowner and lawn. You care about your lawn because when it looks good, you feel good. Our goal is to make sure that, no matter how cold it gets at night, all the effort to take care of the lawn doesn’t go to waste. So, if you want help taking care of your lawn this winter, or any other season, call or message us today and let’s get started.

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