giant african land snail - common in florida but it's actually an invasive species

Florida is home to many different wildlife animals. Some of the animals you see will leave you alone. Others are animals you’ll want to avoid altogether because they are clearly pests. However, other animals in the area are deceptively invasive pests. 

These common invasive animals may nest near your home or office, or they may even disrupt the local ecosystem. They may even increase the risk of fires, clog waterways, or destroy crops. It’s important to identify these species and find ways to keep them away from your property.

Burmese Pythons

These snakes may not be venomous, but that doesn’t mean they are not scary. Burmese pythons can grow to exceeding lengths, sometimes up to 16 feet long. Perhaps their biggest threat to the community is that they prey on endangered birds and their eggs. They also eat native frogs and other snakes, disrupting the local ecosystem.

Cuban Tree Frogs

These invasive pests prey on many native Florida species, including tree frogs, tadpoles, and snakes. Cuban tree frogs are not shy about evicting other animals from their homes and disrupting the balance of the local ecosystem.

Feral Hogs

Back in the 1500s when Europeans came to the area, they brought livestock with them. Some of these were pigs that got loose. Today, the pigs’ descendants are causing fits for people. The hogs are wild, aggressive, and breed excessively. They eat plants and damage the local ecosystem. Residents should be cautious if they encounter these hogs, as they can grow to become quite large.


Iguanas have long been a common reptile to keep as pets. But in South Florida, they have become a nuisance. One of the biggest concerns about these pests is that they can cause damage to buildings and other structures. Iguanas do this when they crawl under buildings to build their homes. They also like eating plants from residents’ gardens.  

Giant African Land Snails

You may not think that an animal such as a snail could cause problems. However, giant African land snails have become prevalent in South Florida — and they will eat just about anything. The snails not only snack on native plants, but they will also eat paint off cars and munch on stucco from buildings. They also carry a parasite that’s harmful to people.

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