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When you learn a neighbor recently had termites, it can be unnerving. Knowing how easily they spread, you may wonder if you should get an inspection. No matter your reasons, if you’re feeling stressed about termites, bait stations are one of the best treatments available, and we strongly recommend them in many different situations. Recently, however, we’ve heard your questions about a new type of bait treatment we started using. We understand why people may wonder why we only change this new bait once a year, whereas the old style baits were changed every six months, and how this can offer the same level of protection

We wanted to take a moment to address those concerns, so in this blog, we’ll talk about why we made the switch to the Always Active termite bait product and how it provides better protection than the baits we were previously using.

Why Do We Only Change the New Bait Stations Once Per Year?

Sentricon bait stations are widely recognized as the best bait stations in the industry. As manufacturer of the Always Active termite bait, they recommend inspecting bait stations once a year for best results. With the old bait stations we were using, the recommendation was every six months. As a company, it’s our policy that our termite exterminators follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Adding fresh bait to the bait stations does not increase termites’ interest in it. New research has shown that termites are drawn to bait that’s slightly dirty or gnarly compared to one that’s fresh and clean. 

How Do Sentricon Bait Stations Work? 

Termites are reclusive creatures that can wreak havoc on your home, often going undetected until it’s too late. Our new Sentricon bait stations with Always Active bait work by capitalizing on the natural foraging behavior of termites. Worker termites are attracted to the bait, which they readily carry back to the queen and the rest of the colony. Once consumed, the bait gradually kills off the entire colony.

Is Termite Bait More Effective Than Liquid Termiticide? 

You might be wondering whether termite bait is the best choice compared to liquid termiticide. For the most part, yes, we recommend termite baits over liquid termiticide because it’s a treatment that yields better long-term results. Liquid termiticide kills termites on contact. It’s a powerful tool for when you know exactly where to use it.

Termite bait stations shine in situations where it’s challenging to pinpoint the hidden termite nests. Worker termites willingly carry the bait back to the colony, and over the following days and weeks, the colony consumes it and dies off. Termite bait stations offer long-term effectiveness that liquid termite treatments can’t match.

Can Termite Baiting Help You? 

Termite bait stations offer long-term passive protection, eliminating the worry of potential infestations. Sentricon bait stations with Always Active bait are the most effective termite bait treatment we’ve ever offered. 

Here are a few reasons why termite baits are a wise choice for any homeowner:

  • Termite damage is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance. If you’re worried about termites, termite bait stations are the easiest way to give yourself peace of mind.
  • They target termite colonies directly, leading to effective eradication.
  • Our Sentricon system is environmentally responsible and non-invasive.

The Best Termite Bait Stations We’ve Ever Offered

The shift to our new Sentricon bait stations with Always Active bait might seem like a change in service frequency, but it’s a monumental leap forward in termite control. Homeowners are getting better results, and we stand by the effectiveness of our new approach. We want you to rest easy knowing that, if you’re still worried, we offer free callback services at your request.

Whether you need termite extermination or prevention in Jacksonville FL or the surrounding area, make Bug Out your trusted partner in termite control. Call us today to try our new Sentricon bait stations with Always Active bait and make termites a thing of the past!

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