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Insulation isn’t just about heat and noise—it’s a superhero in the world of pest control. Take TAP® insulation, for instance. It’s not just eco-friendly and budget-friendly; it’s a powerhouse product that combines a myriad of benefits into one convenient solution. Throughout the year, every season brings reasons to ensure your home’s insulation is up to par. If you’re unsure when your last insulation update was, the experts at Bug Out are here to assist you! Let’s delve into the advantages of TAP® insulation:

The Three-Fold Benefits of TAP® Insulation

TAP® insulation isn’t your run-of-the-mill insulation. Crafted by grinding old newspapers into tiny bits, it’s an EPA-registered innovation that ticks multiple boxes:

  • Thermal Qualities: As the newspaper fibers bond together during the manufacturing process, they create air pockets. These pockets trap air, bolstering insulation and preventing heat loss. It’s this quality that earned TAP Insulation its Energy Star seal.
  • Acoustical Perks: Those air pockets don’t just regulate temperature; they also muffle sound. Areas with TAP® insulation experience reduced external noise infiltration and minimal internal sound leakage.
  • Pest Control: Here’s where TAP® gets even more impressive. A borate mixture is incorporated into the newspaper fibers during production. This mixture acts as a lethal weapon against pests. When insects traverse the insulation, the borate adheres to their bodies. As they clean themselves, they ingest the borate, leading to their demise. It’s a pest control measure without the insects needing to consume the insulation directly.

Additional Benefits of Pest Control Insulation

Beyond its primary attributes, TAP® insulation boasts several other advantages:

  • Safety: Both the newspaper fibers and borate are non-toxic to humans, making it a safe option for households with kids, pets, or sensitive individuals.
  • Eco-Friendly: This treated insulation breaks down naturally without harming the environment, leaving no footprint on water, soil, or air quality.
  • Longevity: It lasts for years, providing continuous protection without the need for frequent reapplication, unlike chemical pesticides.
  • Pest Prevention & Savings: It tackles existing pest problems while also deterring future infestations. Plus, the thermal efficiency translates to substantial savings on heating and cooling expenses.

Professional Installation for Ongoing Protection

While TAP® insulation outshines traditional pest control options, it requires professional application due to its EPA rating. Your friends at Bug Out have over 60 years of expertise and a passion for providing quality service, ensuring expert application for all your pest-free* living needs.

Ready to explore the benefits of TAP® insulation for your home? Contact Bug Out today for a complimentary quote, no strings attached!

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