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If you live in Florida, you know our summers can be oppressively hot and humid. These are perfect conditions for swarming insects such as bees and wasps. The last thing you want to have to worry about is wasps swarming your vehicle when you’re just trying to get to work, or on your way to the beach. These unwelcome passengers can be aggressive, with painful stings. Let’s go over why they nest in vehicles and ways to keep them out. 

Why Are There Wasps My Car?

A car may seem like a strange place for stinging insects to choose for a nest, but they often have everything a wasp could need. Wasps may nest in your car because they are attracted to:

  • Empty Vehicles. The warmth, shelter, and stillness of an empty vehicle mimic the ideal conditions of a wasp’s natural nest site. Being undisturbed, they will be free to build their nest making your car their cozy new home.
  • Sweet Scents. Drinks like soda or juice, and food with high sugar content are a sure way to attract wasps. Sweet air fresheners and perfumes will invite them in as well.
  • Decomposing Bugs. Leaving bugs to rot in your grill or air vents will lead wasps right to where they can crawl into your vehicle for an unwelcome surprise mid-drive.

What to Do About Wasps

Never fear, there are ways to handle these potentially painful nuisances and keep them away from your vehicle. If you find a wasp in or around your vehicle, use these steps to deter them:

  • Use Essential Oil. Any one of the oils of the 47 flowering plants in the mint family will be highly offensive and disorienting for wasps, driving them out of and away from your car. Lavender, mint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and basil are just to name a few. Soak some cotton balls in the oil of your choice and place them under your seats, and/or spray the entry points of your car, like the grill, for continued deterrence.
  • Keep Your Car Clean. Frequent car washes will ensure that bug carcasses will not be around to waft temptingly to nearby wasps. If you choose to eat and drink in your car, make sure bottles and food are sealed and not left overnight. Clean any spills or messes as soon as possible.
  • Careful Parking Choices. Wasps are especially attracted to honeysuckle, cowpeas, marigold, and any white flowers like white clover. Avoid planting these in your garden near where you park and avoid them when finding parking elsewhere.
  • Seal gaps and openings: Inspect your car for any openings or gaps in the exterior, such as broken seals. Seal these areas to prevent wasps from entering. Consider using caulk or adhesive strips to close off any potential entry points.

While these options are effective, calling a professional is the best way to ensure you remain safe and these pesky nuisances stay away.

Bug Out is Here to Help

With over 70 years of experience our expert team at Bug Out is committed to your peace of mind and going the extra mile for our community. Proud members of the Rentokil family, their support allows us to provide you with effective and efficient pest control that is simultaneously environmentally conscious and sustainable. Stay pest free by contacting the wasp exterminators at Bug Out today and let us take care of you.

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