green grassWhy Is Irrigating Your Lawn Important?

Homeowners must use proper irrigation techniques to prevent a range of problems that can ruin lawns and lead to unnecessary costs. Moreover, lawns are not the only areas of a property that have to be protected since plants and shrubs also need proper irrigation. Homeowners who irrigate their lawns in the proper way can look forward to beautiful green turf and outdoor living space.

Brown Patches

Brown patches are one of the most common problems associated with poor irrigation. When grass does not get enough water, it can dry out and turn brown. While brown grass can often recover its vitality during the next rainstorm, the reality is that brown spots can impact the long-term health of a lawn. Some homeowners attempt to water their grass manually, but this is a tedious chore that means time away from more productive responsibilities. Putting a good irrigation system in place can help to sustainably eliminate brown patches throughout the year.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are small insects that feed off grass and other plants. Unfortunately, the appetite of chinch bugs for plants can lead to serious problems for homeowners who value their yard. Grass, flowers, trees, and other plants can be eaten away by chinch bug populations. Proper irrigation can contribute to fighting off chinch bugs because these insects prefer the safety of relatively dry habitats. Since chinch bug populations can be hard to eradicate, preparing for a possible infestation with good irrigation is an effective step that homeowners should take.

Crabgrass and Weeds

Many of the grasses that are used for modern lawns are selected for their ability to naturally defeat weeds. Homeowners who have crabgrass problems can eliminate these issues with expensive fertilizers, but the reality is that they are only addressing the symptom of a much greater problem. Dry grass is less able to fight crabgrass, and this vulnerability can usher in the emergence of highly destructive weeds. Properties with good irrigation almost never have problems with weeds because grasses on these lawns can maintain their natural strength.

Managing Irrigation

Bug Out Service can help homeowners improve the irrigation of their lawns on a systemic level by leveraging a range of irrigation techniques to improve the vitality of grass. Our company can manage all aspects of irrigation, including the installation and maintenance of home sprinkler systems. A helpful hint to managing your irrigation system is making sure overgrown shrubs and trees are cut back and don’t block the irrigation heads. Contact Bug Out today to start getting more out of your property by enhancing your lawn with a sustainable irrigation system.

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