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During the warm season, lawns need proper maintenance to stay healthy and beautiful. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or simply want to provide optimal lawn care, knowing how to properly aerate, water, fertilize, and mow your grass is a must. Bug Out offers these tips for helping your yard thrive:

Aerate to Improve Lawn Health

Aeration boosts root penetration and improves water and nutrient absorption. It also decreases the likelihood of thatch buildup. After removing any more than a half-inch layer of thatch with a de-thatching rake, find out if you need to aerate the lawn by performing this simple test. Dig out a square-foot section of earth and check the root depth. If roots extend less than two inches down, it’s time to aerate. Water the grass for at least a day before aerating.

Water Well

Your lawn needs an inch to an inch-and-a-half of water weekly; up the amount to two inches in dry weather. Ensure healthy roots by drenching the grass, then let it dry and repeat the process. Prevent water loss due to evaporation by watering in the early morning hours or at night. Fertilize monthly during the growing season, preferably with an organic fertilizer. Rent a spreader if you don’t have one.

Mow Like a Pro

This might seem like a pretty straightforward lawn maintenance chore, but mowing correctly is essential to the health of your grass. The ideal height for most types of grass is three inches. This height shades the earth, cutting back on weed growth and allowing beneficial microbes to flourish. If you don’t like the appearance of longer growth, it’s alright – though not ideal – to go as short as two inches. Leave your clippings on the lawn for added nourishment. Mow at different angles each time for more even growth.

Get Lawn Care Help from Bug Out

Armed with the right information, taking your lawn care to the next level is easy. Need extra help protecting and beautifying your property? The team at Bug Out keeps lawns in tip-top shape all year round. Whether you live in Belleview, FL or another nearby location, the friendly technicians at our company will help your lawn look and perform its best. Contact us here!

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